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An Opera Outing, 2003
Acrylic on paper, 29.7 x 21 centimeters
The sundry personages in the royal box of the National Theater
Munich during a performance of Haendel's Serse at the Bavarian
State Opera on Saturday, 31. May 2003.


Seat 1, the glassrobotbee.

Seat 2, gumdrop twins and Doodles the lovebug.

Seat 3, cupcake pirates.

Seat 4, a mermaid.

Seat 5, the Purple Potato Princess.

Seat 6, a flamenca and gnome.

Seat 7, the robot kitty.

Seat 8, the Red Robot.

Seat 9, someone very pesky, the Red Hornet, and the Pea.

Seat 10, la Moretta, disquieting as usual.

Seat 11, la Virgen de Guadalupe and postlapsarian Hello Kitty.

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